Blood Bank

Lions Club of Hyderabad East's Bhanji - Kheraj Blood Bank

In 1986, the idea to start a Blood Bank dependent only on Voluntary Blood Donation was mooted by members of the club with the cooperation of Sri. Bhanji Kheraj Family charitable Trust.
The Blood Bank was inaugurated by the then Honorable Governor of A.P., Ms. Kumudben Joshi during the president ship of Lion. Goverdhan Reddy in 1986-87 at Feroz Gandhi Park, Bank Street, Hyderabad. The Blood Bank was Chaired efficiently by Lion Amritlal B Nishar for the first five years and subsequently, it has been chaired and nurtured by other members. Presently, Lion. S.K.Kabra is the Chairman.

Since it’s establishment, the Blood Bank has been exclusively conducting voluntary blood donation camps with the support of various Lions clubs from Twin Cities and the adjacent Districts. Our staff and Doctors earnestly participate in the camps of voluntary donors arranged by other NGOs and Social Organizations also.
Annually 3500-4000 bottles of blood are collected by the Blood Bank, which is then distributed free of cost to the poor and needy or at Govt. recommended rate to others.


Since July 2016, the blood bank has been upgraded and it is now a recognized blood component separation center.

Blood is also issued to the poor/needy in the name of the Donor, who contributes (Govt. recommended rate) per bottle. 

 For Voluntary Blood donation camps and Blood requirement please contact

Mr. Vijay - Ph: 9440482780
Mr. Ravi Kumar - 9490933100

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